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We consider pre-employment polygraph testing for government related jobs a priority because we understand these applicants today will someday be the men and women who hold our own lives in their hands.

Conscientious, thorough and impartial. This is how we define our pre-employment polygraph testing.

Conscientious: We hold a high level of respect for the positions these applicants will fill and give each applicant our level best.

Thorough: We are convinced the majority of mistakes made in pre-employment polygraph tests are due to lack of attention to details and cutting corners. Pre-employment tests are difficult. They require long days of discussing the more unsavory details of an applicant's past to determine risk, detailed written reports of the findings, including all pertinent admissions and pre-employment tests typically pay far less than other types of polygraph testing. Without an examiner's conscious effort to combat an attitude of mundane routine, it is easy to make careless mistakes and become complacent, which can result in less than accurate polygraph results. Conducting a careless polygraph test is not an option for us because we remain aware that the applicant in our polygraph suite may someday save our own life or the life of someone we love.

Impartial: We show dignity and respect to all applicants regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. We covet the opportunity to conduct pre-employment testing for any of the following positions:

  • Police Officers

  • Deputy Sheriffs

  • Corrections Officers

  • Firefighters

  • Armored Vehicle Drivers

  • Pharmaceutical Personnel

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