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Darryl DeBow

This month we are going to showcase our Northern Virginia Polygraph team. Our first introduction is the owner himself, Darryl DeBow.

Darryl DeBow is the owner of Northern Virginia Pre-Employment & Polygraph Services and the Director of the Virginia School of Polygraph. He previously served as Deputy Sheriff with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, where he retired as a sergeant in 1995. In 2011, he was made an honorary Deputy Sheriff for the Laurens County Sheriff's Office in Georgia after training their first examiner who went on to establish the agency’s first ever polygraph program. During his career, he has received numerous honors, such as the highest award given by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisor, the Loudoun County Merit Award, for his work as a criminal investigator, as well as valor awards for Bravery in the Line of Duty and the Lifesaving and Unit Valor Award for his actions as a member of the Loudoun County Special Emergency Response Team. He was also honored by the Washington Federal Bar Association for his overall professionalism and dedication as a Law Enforcement Officer, which was presented by former United States Attorney General Janet Reno. Mr. DeBow has lectured on the general field of polygraph as well as the use of polygraph in Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing, which he specializes in today, and is a primary instructor for examiners going into this specialized area of polygraph. In addition to his role as owner and Director of the Virginia School of Polygraph, Mr. DeBow is certified by the American Polygraph Association as the Primary Instructor for the school and has instructed in every basic and advanced course offered by the Virginia School of Polygraph since he purchased the school in 2003, where he has since trained law enforcement examiners from across the United States and abroad as well as private examiners going into the field of polygraph.

To learn more about our team visit our website or call to schedule a test today!

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