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Nagging doubts surface, accusations fly, bad feelings spread and conflict obliterates the peaceful home you once enjoyed. Love is still present, but trust seems hard to find.

Whether you are the accuser, the accused, or stuck in the middle, if trust in your home has eroded, finding the missing element of truth with a polygraph test can be life-giving.

Polygraph can be helpful in a wide variety of family related issues. Take a look at the following list of situations that have been helped and sometimes permanently resolved with a polygraph test.

Teenager Issues

  • Sibling Physical or Sexual Abuse

  • Skipping School

  • Shoplifting Addiction/Denials

  • Illegal Drug Use & Sales

  • Prescription Drug Abuse

  • Issues with Alcohol/Smoking

  • Verbal Abuse Accusations

  • Fighting/Cheating at School

  • School 'Zero Tolerance' Accusations - (There are inherent weaknesses in the zero tolerance policies in schools. They are not well investigated to see if accusations are true. Some innocent kids end up thrown in with guilty ones and have no recourse for their defense. Also, the consequences don't always match the severity of the offense. )

  • Damaged Property (your home, neighbor, extended family)

  • Missing Money or Property (your home, neighbor, extended family)


Family Dispute

Other Family Conflict Issues

  • Babysitter Accusations - Theft or Sexual/Physical Abuse

  • Family Reunions - Missing or Damaged Property

  • Housekeeper Accusations - Theft or Sexual/Physical Abuse

  • Parental Neglect of Child

  • Parental Sexual/Physical/Verbal Abuse of Child

  • Extended Family Member Abusing a Child

These are just a few of the more common family issues that can be resolved with a quality polygraph (lie detector) examination. Your situation may be different, but the truth is always the truth.

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