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“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”― Henry David Thoreau

Good morning! Starting off the week with we look at one of our antique polygraph instruments. This 1960’s Stoelting analog polygraph sits in our newly renovated office. It’s a piece of history and shows how far polygraph technology has advanced. This polygraph is most often used in movies and TV shows now days.  This polygraph relies on moving ink pens that leave tracings on a moving sheet of paper. They’re interesting to look at and add to the drama of a movie scene, but they are antiquated and obsolete.  No serious professional examiner would use an analogue polygraph in the 21st century.

They have been replaced by digital (computerized) polygraphs.  The computerized instruments do their job with far greater precision and accuracy, and have all the obvious advantages of computerization. Later in the week I will follow this post with what we currently use. Stay tuned!

If you are looking to have a polygraph done go with the best, go with Northern Virginia Polygraph!

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